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Your first appointment consists of a comprehensive medical history, taking into account your past experience with psychiatry and psychology, medical problems, and other stressors that may be contributing to your symptoms. This will include a review or your current and past medications, diet, exercise, herbal remedies, and health related behaviors.

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Using the latest evidence, we will evaluate the effectiveness of your medications, working to limit side
effects while alleviating your symptoms so that you can enjoy your life. In addition to pharmaceutical
medications, complementary and alternative options can be employed. Medical marijuana is available when it is appropriate.

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During your sessions, we will explore the aspects of your life that may be contributing to your
symptoms. We will use many techniques, including those drawn from cognitive-behavioral therapy to
address automatic negative thoughts; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to teach emotion regulation and
distress tolerance skills as well as interpersonal effectiveness and mindfulness, psychodynamic
therapy to understand and address long term behavioral and thought patterns; motivational therapy to address and confront resistance to change and empower you to make the changes you desire so you can achieve a state of confident wellness.

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During your virtual session, we use the power of the internet to provide convenient, comfortable and
accessible services using HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing software. Now you can have
personalized, high-quality psychiatric services from anywhere!

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